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We will show you our works, share tips, advices, ideas, inspirations on event planning and will provide information for ideal destinations and locations in Maremma and Southern Tuscany for your happenings.


Our WorksPosted by Michela Bandini Wed, December 21, 2016 15:29:10

One fundamental aspect when creating an event theme is harmonising it with the venue’s original features. Harmonize means ‘to go well together’, ‘ to bring into harmony’ and doesn’t always mean same style or mood.

For instance Tuscan ambience does not only match with a rustic mood but it can also be elegant in some way. The flowers’ choice, colors selection and some other elements can add elegance to a country and rustic enviroment.

Get inspired by this beautiful settlements we have created for M&M’s wedding in Tuscan Maremma, an elegant and refined layout matching perfectly with the Tuscan atmosphere.

Two long imperial tables with linen ivory tablecloths, Dark brown Chiavarina chairs. Natural Greenery runners along the middle of the tables , with centerpieces, candles and tealights

Under the tents, a sky of stringlights giving a romantic ambience to the event. A Mirror Tableplan Seating chart hanging on a tree, gives a perfect mix of elegance and respect of the enviroment!

Tables are decorated with sets of centerpieces: each set with three glass vases with big candles in different heights, and two flower centerpieces: a creamware pottery with Soft Pink Dahlias, White Lysianthus and green Amaranth and Jasmine. A smaller glass vase is decorated with dahlias and light touches of green. Here and there many tealights to illuminate the tables.

Wedding stationary was created basing on colors and theme of the wedding: Soft pink Dahlias and wild flowers to recall the wedding leitmotiv. Menus on top plate, tied to napkins with a gibbo; Guests names are tied to the wine glasses rim for a modern touch.

Photo by Francesco Minucci

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Our WorksPosted by Michela Bandini Fri, October 07, 2016 15:58:32

What is wonderful about a destination wedding is that the bride, groom families and guests spend more than just event time together. Before or after the big day, couple keeps guests entertained with activities that get people mingling.

One of our couple wanted to organize a rehearsal dinner in a different location from the wedding venue (an elegant wine resort nestled in the middle of vineyards and olivegroves) and with a seafood menu.

We planned for them a casual but refined seaside party at an intimate restaurant by the sea. The mood was informal: welcome cocktails were served at sunset at the beach bar, while the dinner took place at the open terrace. Guests enjoyed beautiful views and impressive platters of seafood,and everyone experienced another face of Tuscan Maremma!

Photo by Francesco Minucci

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FALL TUSCAN VIBES / Inspirational Shooting

Our WorksPosted by Michela Bandini Tue, October 04, 2016 15:21:42

Last autumn, almost one year ago, our agency worked with other professionals for an interesting styling shoot set in Tuscan Maremma.

Our work was published on an international wedding blog (see ). Today we are happy to share with you some other shots from this work telling the story of a young bride, getting ready for her big day in Maremma, looking after preparations from her room’s window , walking around end enjoying the beauty of a tuscan wedding location. The long day ends with a dance in the elegant ballroom of the Villa and relax by the fireplace.

Enjoy colors, vibes and feelings of our Tuscan Maremma Inspirational shooting!

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EventsPosted by Michela Bandini Thu, April 14, 2016 15:26:38


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Here are 5 important things to consider when planning an event

THING # 1: DATE . Picking a good day is crucial!

- Check how much time will be required to be the event successful

- Try to avoid major holidays, local or national events

- Make sure you don’t pick the date that conflicts with other popular events your guests may like to attend

THING # 2: VENUE. Choosing the right venue and location can make or break the success of an event!

- Determine your budget, number of attendees, type of event (formal, casual, hi-tech..) and make sure the selected venue matches with your need

- Consider services and amenities (i.e. cleaning,chairs, tables, linen, AV equipment, etc) that the venue offers and already included within the rental fee (these could be hidden costs)

- Make sure the chosen venue fit your general vibe

THING # 3: EATING & DRINKING . Good food is often the thing that people remember most about an event!

- Consider theme, goal and desired atmosphere of your happening when deciding type of service style (served dinner, buffet, food station, etc).

- Keep audience, type of event and circumstances on mind before choosing the menu of your event (always provide some vegan dishes; prefer finger food for unformal event settled outdoor).

- Food & beverage in events are also an entertainment element: add some activities such cooking stations with onsite chef, self cooking bbq, ice-cream van, etc

THING # 4: DETAILS Attention to detail brings stunning result!

The more thought you put into the details, the more memorable your event will be. This is an important factor for decor, design and styling of your event, but there are other ways to pay close attention to detail

- Think about your guests giving all detailed information, providing items or services they could need (umbrellas in case of rain, confortable shoes if event is set in rustic outdoors, game plan for children), preparing party favors

- Incorporate chosen theme into every single element on your event

- Turn your event into an experience: an event begins and ends, an experience will be remembered for ever

THING # 5 : CUSTOMIZATION Customized Event = Unique and Unforgettable Event

Every successful event has a primary purpose/mission: celebrating an occasion in case of private events (such as weddings, family reunions, parties, etc) or a specific message i.e raising money, celebrating a successful project, launching a new product, etc for corporate events.

In any case personalization is a must-have in order to make your event unforgettable.

- Your event has to reflect your personality and life philosophy or your company’s brand and mission. In this way it will be unique and memorable.

- Understanding what your guests or audience needs and expects, and adapting the event organization and layout accordingly.

- And don’t forget: ‘Real luxury is customization’.

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Must to see places

Discovering Southern TuscanyPosted by Michela Bandini Tue, September 22, 2015 15:16:41


VALLE D’ORO, a precious gift from the past

As a creative Event and Experiential agency, 3-D Events is always looking for new unique and memorable experiences for our audience.

Today we want to share with you the beauty and the magnificence of a little known territory, Valle d’Oro – Golden Valley situated in Tuscany’s Maremma close to Capalbio.

This area includes twelve main archeologic sites of which the most important are the ancient Roman village of Cosa (modern Ansedonia), the beautifull Villa Settefinestre and Villa delle Colonne.

There is an interesting project called ‘Archaelogical and Landscape Park of the Golden Valley’ created by Maremmamare Association, which has the purpose of establishing a park, protecting and increasing the value of this archaelogical and enviromental territory.
Visitors will be astonished at discovering this marvellous place running into memorable remnants of once former glory, and experiencing a pristine territory with green hills, olive tree groves, mediterranean scrub and wheat fields.

All the archeological findings discovered in the area show that in Roman times here wine was produced in industrial quantities , and it was exported to all Mediterranean locations. Also, presence of several dry stone walls proves already 2.000 years ago the presence of agricutural activities and cultivated fields.

Today the Golden Valley offers breathtaking landscapes, famous wineries producing very special wines – l’oro, the gold - known al lover the world as a result of a perfect combination of terroir and microclimate.
The immediate proximity of the sea and beautiful beaches near Capalbio and Monte Argentario make this area a must to visit place in Southern Tuscany!

Have a look to this fantastic video you will be thrown into a magical land .

For further info and pictures visit

Photo Credit: Andrea De Maria for Maremma Mare Association (images from Valle d’Oro photo book, Edizioni Effigi – Arcidosso 2013)

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New destinations

DestinationsPosted by Michela Bandini Tue, July 21, 2015 13:03:37

Destination weddings and corporate events in Maremma and Southern Tuscany

Have you decided of having a fabulous destination wedding or a business retreat and destination meeting in Tuscany, and you now need to find the right location for it?

It comes naturally to investigate the conventional Tuscany, the most famous destinations such as the beautiful area of Chianti or historical cities as Florence, Siena, Pisa with their distinctive landscapes and stunning views. However we would like to introduce you another less known area in Tuscany which is a valid alternative for your choice: Maremma and Southern Tuscany.

Southern Tuscany is the area that stretches from Siena southwards to the border of Lazio Region. It’s a real jewel of Renaissance with its famous towns, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza, and the glorious wines Brunello and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Tuscan Maremma occupies a vast portion of Southern Tuscany and its territory can be divided in different areas: Upper Maremma with many picturesque villages such as Pitigliano and Massa Marittima, the Metal bearing hills and the extinct volcano of Monte Amiata; Central Maremma, and its many villages situated between the countryside and the coast, the Maremma Natural Park and the impressive Tarot Garden near Capalbio; and the Coastal area with pine tree forests, sandy beaches and seaside villages of Monte Argentario .

During the last few years, Southern Tuscany has developed and improved accommodation offer and services: new and exclusive hotels and resorts have opened for/reserved to discerning clients, and those already existing have focused on quality. The area unicity makes them one of a kind, absence of mass tourism converts these venues into perfect locations for extraordinary events.

Southern Tuscany is a land still to be discovered, unique because of the variety of its territory - hills covered with woods, flat lands, green hills, long beaches, blue sea. At the same time it offers excellent food and wine, beautiful locations and venues for your events. You will ‘accomplish two objectives with one action’: your guests and your staff will be grateful for discovering a little known region; they will experience history, as well as Tuscan countryside and coastal activities. Then YOUR EVENT WILL BE TRULY MEMORABLE!

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