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EventsPosted by Michela Bandini Thu, April 14, 2016 15:26:38


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Here are 5 important things to consider when planning an event

THING # 1: DATE . Picking a good day is crucial!

- Check how much time will be required to be the event successful

- Try to avoid major holidays, local or national events

- Make sure you don’t pick the date that conflicts with other popular events your guests may like to attend

THING # 2: VENUE. Choosing the right venue and location can make or break the success of an event!

- Determine your budget, number of attendees, type of event (formal, casual, hi-tech..) and make sure the selected venue matches with your need

- Consider services and amenities (i.e. cleaning,chairs, tables, linen, AV equipment, etc) that the venue offers and already included within the rental fee (these could be hidden costs)

- Make sure the chosen venue fit your general vibe

THING # 3: EATING & DRINKING . Good food is often the thing that people remember most about an event!

- Consider theme, goal and desired atmosphere of your happening when deciding type of service style (served dinner, buffet, food station, etc).

- Keep audience, type of event and circumstances on mind before choosing the menu of your event (always provide some vegan dishes; prefer finger food for unformal event settled outdoor).

- Food & beverage in events are also an entertainment element: add some activities such cooking stations with onsite chef, self cooking bbq, ice-cream van, etc

THING # 4: DETAILS Attention to detail brings stunning result!

The more thought you put into the details, the more memorable your event will be. This is an important factor for decor, design and styling of your event, but there are other ways to pay close attention to detail

- Think about your guests giving all detailed information, providing items or services they could need (umbrellas in case of rain, confortable shoes if event is set in rustic outdoors, game plan for children), preparing party favors

- Incorporate chosen theme into every single element on your event

- Turn your event into an experience: an event begins and ends, an experience will be remembered for ever

THING # 5 : CUSTOMIZATION Customized Event = Unique and Unforgettable Event

Every successful event has a primary purpose/mission: celebrating an occasion in case of private events (such as weddings, family reunions, parties, etc) or a specific message i.e raising money, celebrating a successful project, launching a new product, etc for corporate events.

In any case personalization is a must-have in order to make your event unforgettable.

- Your event has to reflect your personality and life philosophy or your company’s brand and mission. In this way it will be unique and memorable.

- Understanding what your guests or audience needs and expects, and adapting the event organization and layout accordingly.

- And don’t forget: ‘Real luxury is customization’.

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